About us

Kam was born in Baku in 1981 which is at the historic crossroads of the Ottoman, Persian and Russian empires. These were turbulent times, and while growing up he witnessed war, economic downturn as well as the boom times that followed the years of independence of Azerbaijan. The country is also known as the Land of Fire.

He worked at the Ministry of Justice in Baku. As a lawyer, he dealt with a variety of complex international legal issues, including extraditions, investigations and corporate litigation. He was a member of the International Association of Prosecutors. Kam has a graduate degree from Cambridge University in Criminal Justice sciences.

Kam fell in love with London in 2000 when he visited it as a student. Later in 2007 he studied at the LSE and received a degree in Management, Organisations and Governance. In 2009, he studied International Security at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) where he was doing various simulations on global security threats including the pandemic crisis. During his career he worked with organisations such as the UN, Interpol and the European Council.

He is a trustee of the American Peace Foundation (FFP) in Washington DC and is also an advisor to The Fletcher School of Diplomacy & International Law and involved with their Digital Planet research project. Kam is a cross-cultural professional who understands the concepts of justice and policing as well as governance, business and management of complex organizations. His hobbies include martial arts and reading. In 2020, the Renew Party nominated Kam to run for London mayoral election.